Due to Japanese law, girls do not provide Full Service.

1.No Full Service (Including coercion / bribing)
2.Any kind of offensive behavior (physical or verbal)
3.Any acts of violence or forceful behavior

4.Recruiting / Scouting of the girls
5.Asking for personal information such as phone number, e-mail address etc. Asking for dates or services outside the scope of what the shop offers
6.Any kind of recording including photos, movies, and audio
7.Forceful play (Such as Fingering)
8.Illegal drugs or drug abusers
9.Those who are suspected of sexually transmitted diseases
10.Act of refusing to let the girl leave after the playing time

The following customers are not permitted to use our shop

1.Person who is under the age of 18 years old
2.Person who is belonging to or relating to any crime organization or the adult industry.
3.Person who is drunk or unhygienic to provide proper services.
4.Person with STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) or being suspected of having STDs.
5.Person who is under the influence of any kind of illegal drug.
6.Place where proper showering facilities are not available.
7.Situation where more than one person are present in the room or house.
8.Person who is difficult to be contacted through mobile phone by us.
9.Other cases where the service is difficult to be properly provided.

In the event that we (the shop staff memebers) deem that the conditions of service are not abided by you the customer, the girl will stop service immediately and leave the room.
Your money will not be refunded in this case. In some cases, we may report the incident to the police and claim for any damages caused by you.
Customers who do not follow our terms and rules will no longer be able to receive service of the girl you have selected previously.
Please follow the terms and rules to fully enjoy the service.